Our Services

There are three things you need for a website - and our packages come with all three ready to go:


You will need a description of what you do, what products you sell or the services you offer. This may include images, photos and/or videos. We can provide stock images.

A Domain Name

We'll help you find the right domain name (eg BobThePlumber.co.uk) that represents your company or name, and the nature of your business


Once you have your domain name and content you will need somewhere to store it where people can access it. We can provide this for you or recommend a hosting provider.

Isn't setting up a business website expensive?

Isn't setting up a business website expensive?

In some cases the answer will be yes. However we have developed 3 main small business website design packages which start from just £129 fixed fee. So if you are looking for a website designer, you have come to the right place.

Not your standard Bedford web design company